Dedolight LEDs + Battery Power quandary

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      I’m reconfiguring my lighting set-up, and have purchased a bi-colour Dedolight DLED3, with the DT3-BI-BAT power supply. The supply has a Max Power of 45w, and an input voltage of 10.8 – 18v DC / 4,2 – 2,5A. I’ve connected it to a very bulky Bescor battery, that I received along with a bunch of Kessler gear – I believe it is 12v. With the light at full power, it will work for about 20 seconds, and then turn off. The ‘ON’ light on the power supply then starts flashing. Does anyone know what this means? I don’t know a great deal about electrics, but I’m assuming that the light is drawing too many volts/amps (not sure which, or is it both?) at full power because, if I turn the light down to about 70% power, it stays on. My question is, is this damaging to either my light or my battery? Can I work with this set-up at 70% safely? And what sort of battery do I need to power the light at 100%? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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