Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 capture problem

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      I’m new here (1st day). Please help me. I bought Cyberlink’s PD 16 before reading the specs regarding capture, video formats and supported cameras/camcorders. I just assumed it would capture HDV via a HDMI cable. Well, I don’t think it does. The pdf. manual, now read, indicates to connect the camcorder (canon vixia HD40) to my computer by firewire. My GeForce GTX 1070 Ti video card does not have a firewire port, just a HDMI input, which I don’t think PD 16 recognizes. USB sounds like a possibility but I’m wondering if that’d be slow and introduce an unneeded step. Do ya’ll know of a work around for this problem, some way of streaming my video directly to the PD 16 media library/timeline, or, failing that, at least a way to get my HDV video on PD 16? I’m also questioning if PD 16 even recognizes the HDV 30 format Thanks in advance!

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      You need FireWire. Very inexpensive to install in a tower.

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