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      Hi All,

      I’ve found in many YT tutorials characters (“words”) appear tiny in the videos.

      Ex. Watching a YT tutorial in how to use software the functions (e.g. File or Inspector, et.c) appear too tiny to see.

      I’ve emailed the content creators and they assert they’ve exported/rendered their YT tutorial in 1080p but it appears in 360p when viewed either online or if downloaded to my PC.

      I understand YT compresses the videos to .mp4 (if not uploaded as an. mp4) but compression should have little to do with how large characters appear in videos.

      Can anyone please share an example of a video (YouTube or otherwise) where the characters (words) appear large enough to be easily readable?

      If so, what specs or techniques did that content creator use to ensure the characters/words appear easily readable?

      Thank you.

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