Creating a YouTube Channel | Need advice on what camera/gear to buy

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      I want to be able to produce a multitude of different styles of content for the channel eventually. But It’s most likely going to start with a pretty basic two person discussion style. So with that in mind, I have a Canon rebel t5i and about 5 lenses for it. I want to add another DSLR first and then a camcorder eventually (we’re planning on a fairly slow rollout for this content initially). Looking to stick with Canon for now for the sake of simplicity. So with a camera budget of about $1500 what I am mostly seeing as my options would be the 80/90D, the M6, or the RP. Looking for any insight/advice.

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      It is not the Camera, but the Video editing Program you use. There is no DSLR Camera on the Market that shoot video for 30 continuous minutes without overheating. That being said, If you going to shoot Videos with DSLR type Camera, shoot it in segments

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