Chroma Key on objects?

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      is it possible to use green screen on a object? Because I want to design my own props and I’m wondrering if i could just make the prop green and then like add in textures later. For example, is it possible to make a plastic green knife and then add a metal look to it using chroma key.

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      Yes. It is possible πŸ™‚

      green gun

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      Thank you!

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      I don’t think you understand green-screen/chroma-key. The idea is that you use a green (or sometimes blue) background with your subject in front of the green backdrop. You then use your editing software to make the green screen disappear — “key” it out — so that the figure in the foreground is in limbo, without anything behind him/her. Then, again using your editing software, you supply an appropriate background.

      If you want a prop that has the texture of a gun you’re going to have to paint it realistically. Or better still, purchase a real looking plastic gun.

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