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      I am thinking of buying a new video camera and was hoping to get some recommendations and/or suggestions on what would suit my needs best. I currently have a high-def camera, but was hoping to upgrade to 4K. I thought about maybe getting a Go Pro, but am not sure if it would be best for what I need it for. There are basically three things I will be filming with the camera:

      1. Hunting – I film many of my hunts for a company I work for. The camera will need to have great resolution, shoot well in bright sunlight and darkness, have good zoom capabilities, and have good audio.

      2. Live Music Shows – I play in several bands and like to film the shows for upload to YouTube and various websites. The camera will need to have great resolution in low light with flashing lights continually going off. It will also need to record the loud audio without distorting.

      3. Instructional Videos – I am a teacher and record videos of various demonstrations for my students. The camera will need clear resolution and audio, and be able to record onto some type of SD card for upload to iMovie.

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      I recommend the Lumix FZ80 bridge camera which has 4K, tracking autofocus, and is completely auto when shooting video. 4K segments are limited to about 8 minutes, but for less than $300 and a 20mm to 1200mm focal length you can buy two and put them both on a tripod. Rather than rely on in camera audio I recommend you use a separate audio recorder like a Zoom to capture audio then sync it to the video in the editor.

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        Ok, thanks! I don’t know much about this stuff. Can’t I just buy a bigger SD card to get more than 8 minutes of 4K video time?

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        It’s not the card, the camera itself will only shoot up to 8 minute clips in 4K. However you can stop and start a new clip. If you need more than 8 continuous minutes, you can use a second camera. By putting the cameras at different focal lengths (like a closeup on one and a medium shot on the other) and having a separate audio recorder, and having one or the other of them running at all times you can cut the scenes together in the editor and have a continuous 4K video of any length. The 8 minute scene limit probably has something to do with the size of the buffer in the camera. When you stop the video it takes a few seconds to save it from the buffer to the card. A 2K frame of video is 2MP, while a 4K frame is 8MP, or 4x the data.

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      Lumix GH5s with speedbooster!

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      I could suggest GoPro Hero 7 (silver) as it has pretty good build quality, considering all the technology necessary for its functioning is fitted into such a small sized camera that is also waterproof.
      The 4K video and stabilization is excellent compared to full-sized cameras in full daylight. The setup is trouble-free and the menu system pretty intuitive initiating major menu changes via an up, down, left or right sweep. The software provided for updating, remote camera control, and editing is effective.

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      Agree with bobspez

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