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      Several years ago I tried to download an old version of the Freemake Video Converter, from an old version site online. The install failed at the very last moment and I ended up with the very latest version of the software instead.

      Someone said it sounds like I have a “Freemake Homing Bug” of some kind lodged in my windows 7 pc, which is causing the update to the latest version(?)

      I have an old version of the software preserved on a data disc, (dvd) ; it is a version I know I can trust but I am afraid to try and load it, in case it banishes the current version and updates me to the very latest version, which costs and which I definitely Dont Want!

      Can anyone shed more light on what exactly this “Homing Bug” could be and how should I go about removing it from my pc,? Please give step by step details since I am not technically savvy.

      Note: It is not possible to install Freemake softwares with the internet disconnected – a message pops up insisting that the internet must be turned on!

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      Honestly I got the same problem that I can’t install freemake. If you’d like to convert your videos, you can give up freemake and go ahead to install the best alternative DRmare iTunes video Converter.

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      Cool. I have the same problem. Now I can convert new videos.


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