Canon Vixia HV30: Manual Buttons Are Locked

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      I’ve got a Canon Vixia HV30 HDV camcorder, and I’ve got an odd problem.

      The problem is that I can’t operate the camera in manual mode. When I got the camera a few months ago, I was looking it over and testing it, and I was able to access the menu, but then I seemed to touch something, and all of a sudden I had no manual control. It was like I had locked the camera, although I could still control it through Premiere Pro CS4 in HDV mode via firewire. Through this I can get MiniDV tapes recorded in DV to play (although PPro CS4 doesn’t recognize the DV in HDV mode) on the camera, and PPro to playback and capture HDV footage.

      This is baffling, as I’m still able to control it by Firewire, but I can’t do anything on manual aside from turning the camera on to both camera and vcr mode, and off. And I’ve poked the Reset button, and still it won’t reset and unlock. I can’t get into the Menu or even turn the Display on.

      Anyone heard of this happening before?

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