Can I learn from Nuke tutorials, but follow along with Fusion?

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      jerry urdadscalling

      I really want to start getting into more serious level compositing, and I see many great online resources for such stuff are basically all Nuke tutorials and courses. It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual tutorials that I feel like I’ve outgrown, especially since I’ve finally tackled the node-based workflow with Blackmagic Fusion.

      Here’s my concern: I really want to start a Nuke compositing course, but… I don’t really want to use Nuke. I have the non-commercial version installed, but I much prefer to work in Fusion. I don’t like being limited to FHD and knowing I won’t be able to actually use the software for paid jobs that may come in the future, as I don’t ever see myself being able to afford Nuke on my own if I’m not a part of a VFX house that provides a license for it. Fusion’s free version doesn’t have those limitations, and I know for a fact I’ll be able to buy the studio version in the future, as it’s a one time purchase of just $300.

      Would I still be able to follow along with a Nuke compositing course if I use Fusion? On the surface level, both Nuke and Fusion seem to work very similarly, but I know Nuke can go to a very deep level, and I’m not sure if Fusion is as capable at that level. Does anyone here have any experience with deep level compositing in Fusion and can share some insight? Thanks!

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