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      Hey guys,

      This may be in the wrong thread so feel free to move it.
      I’m generally shooting snowboard related content in the winter and in the summer months I would like to move into small weddings and some “real work”
      Looking to upgrade my set up a bit, and diversify a bit. I currently have a t2i with 8mm fish, 50mm prime, I just sold my 70-200L so need something to replace that. I have a Rode videomic, magic lantern on the T2i, editing with FCPX. Im coaching a freestyle team this winter, so I won’t always have time to set up shots and whatnot, so I was thinking about adding a gopro with a gimbal, so I can just follow cam super close and stuff. Also think it would be sick footage. Whats the go pro set up these days? Never really played with one, but some of the footage looks pretty good these days..

      Also would like to make the t2i a second camera and get a new A camera, I know they are old but I have had my eye on a HVX200a or possibly a HMC150, but at the same time dont want to get something that is too outdated and somewhat silly, the video quality and long lens ability seems nice on those. But a HC-X100 seems a lot newer and comparable price used. Thoughts on a camcorder under like 1.5K, closer to 1k.?

      Irrelevantly I need to add some lenses for the t2i, for photog reasons and videography, thinking of getting the 11-16 tokina and possibly a 75-100 range lens.

      Ideally, would be great to have the t2i and a camcorder for urban shots, so I can have one long lens and another fisheye or did angle. I feel like on the MTN, the DSLR can give me the nice DOF shots and more B roll stuff, but the camcorder can maybe be better for the action and guts of the videos? And then the go pro would be for messing around more, and when I want to get some gnarly follow cams?

      Silly or decent idea?

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