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      I’m trying to make a short film:
      At the scene i want the camera to pass through the wall. It takes place in an apartment where the shot begins in a childrens room and transfers into the neighbors room next door. I want the shot to transfer sideways (into another room on the same floor, and vertically into a different floor).

      The scene itself is less critical, the transtion effect is what i want to understand the most.

      I thought about two options:
      1.shoot the scene with tripod and place an effect like this.(
      2.shoot the scene with a camera and gimbel and pass through shots with masks (like

      The shot itself wont turn or be pointed in any other way during the actual transition through the walls.

      Someone have a good tip/other way?
      I want to make it as professional as i can.
      I would like to hear a good opinion or reference!

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      What Video editing Program are you using?

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      After Effects 2019

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      In most cases, this is something that can be done in your editor – no need for AE. The secret to success is to make sure a few things are absolutely done the speed of the transition to the next room needs to be constant, and can be real movement, or a mix of real plus the frame moving – whatever happens it must match exactly the speed into the next room. Verticals must be absolutely vertical, a few degrees of shift wrecks the effect. You will probably need to draw in a mask to simulate the room edge, and this needs to track with the room. The other thing to watch is the camera height. if it’s different in the two scenes that spoils it too. Perspective, heights, camera lens angles they need to be the same or as close as you can get or it looks wrong, and while you can’t see what’s wrong, your brain registers it. Daft things like the size of windows in the distance – they need to be the same, or the rooms won’t match. Technically it’s just tiny tweaks to make them match. For sideways ones, I conjure up an extra layer with a grid that I can use to centre the next image. I use Premier an d it can do this fine without faffing around in AE

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      Everything paulears just said. Of your two examples the second one with the short fade to black between scenes looks best to me. I use Premiere Pro CS6 as an editor and you can strighten the image or resize it, change the white balance, lighting, exposure, etc. in Premiere Pro to make the separate sequences match better.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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