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      Am planning on buying a new camcorder in the near future.
      After doing some research and drilling down on the price and features required, Panasonic HC-VXF990EB-K seems the best fit.

      Can you forum ppl give me your valuable feedback on the above camcorder in terms of:
      1. Battery Life and any replacement battery or other options to keep the video capture going for longer duration.
      2. Useability of this equipment in the left hand(How well possible. This seems to be right hand oriented). Any wisdom appreciated.
      3. SD Card capacity to buy and what would be the usual size of videos in 4K or other format for about 40 minutes duration.
      4. Night useage – This equipment does not come with light. Is the night mode good enough to capture decent video during nights/dark days?
      5. Any other valuable tips/suggestions/reviews from ppl who have already used this or from ppl who have some knowledge first hand would be very very much

      Thanks in advance.

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