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      Hello everyone,,
      I posted this in wrong sub i hope i do it right this time

      I am looking into buying my first dslr camera but today with all the manufacturers cutting features from entry levels i dont know anymore which one to buy . I know that all entry levels do the job but i dont want to buy something that disappoints or breaks or that i am going to outgrow in a short time . I want something a bit more lasting with decent amount control like shutter exposure aperture ISO . With canon downgrading their entry levels i want to reach out to experienced people on this sub to help me. I dont know if the 2000d or 4000d is worth buying anymore ? My budget is max 500 dollar

      The cameras i am considering are

      Nikon D3400

      Canon 1300D

      Canon 2000D

      Canon 4000D

      All with kit lenses because thats what is cheapest in sweden . Also prices here are high with all the cameras above going for around 400 to 500 dollars . Since decent lenses costs more than the included kit lens i decided to go with kit lenses

      I am not interested in mirrorless.

      I am going to use it for all around photos but some day i want to get into wildlife mainly bird or macro photography

      I have read a lot about different entry level dslr but also about how to operate a camera combined with basic photo theory . I also took some months long course in high school about digital photography that made me come in contact with basic dslr operating . Sadly we didnt get to use the dslr in manual mode lol yea i know . This basic knowledge should be enough to get me started with my own camera.

      I should also mention that ive been looking around for used or display units but evryone here seems greedy to demand almost retail prices for a 5 year old entry level ormidrange camera. The only cheap used i can find is like Nikon D80 WITHOUT lens πŸ™

      TL DR Question is are these cameras listed good enough to get me starting? Also will any camera last longer than 1 year? Budget max 500 dollar

      Thank you for your help πŸ˜€

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      I’d personally recommend choosing Nikon D3400. The camera comes with an AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens, giving you a great quality lens that allows for crisp, clear shots from almost any angle or lighting conditions. I’ve had such a camera for a while and have no complaints)

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      Go for Cannon 4000D and did you consired buying any lens?. What kind of photography did you do before or willing to do in the future?.

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