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      Hi everyone! I’ve just “upgraded” my old camera to a Nikon D3500. I’m hoping eventually to trade in for a 5600. I’m no professional but I took decent photos with my old set up and even had a few displayed in galleries for my landscape and “action photography” (rock climbers, skiers, etc). However I’m still ignorant in many ways to proper gear, especially since switching to Nikon.

      I have a big trip coming up to the Sierra Nevadas and I want to upgrade my lenses to fit my needs (I currently only have the two kit lenses that come with the 3500). I’m hoping to get a wide angle as well as something good for wildlife since my only living subject so far has been outdoor athletes.

      I also don’t really want anything massive since I’ll be hiking about 12-15 miles every day and I want things to fit in my waterproof bags and backpack.

      Does anyone have suggestions on decent lenses that won’t empty my pockets? Remember these aren’t being blown up to massive proportions, but I would want it to look decent printed on a mid sized canvas.

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