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      Hi All, I’m new to this site and I think its so useful. I had an issue recently shooting a chroma key scene with the Sony F5 in SLOG2 4k. The client wanted it filmed in SLOG2. Studio lighting was tungsten so I used the preset 3200k white balance in camera. In my 7inch directors monitor the colours looked true. In camera, my subject’s skin colour was correct but the blue screen came out looking purple. Is this definitely a white balance issue and if so, was the white balance too cold or warm? Thank you everyone, any help would be most appreciated.

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      To be honest, SLOG2 just does this as it has a different colour gamut and gamma curves so the colour shift is warped.

      Have a look here – a decent explanation of what you need to do in post to put the colours right. Why did the client request it (and are they a technically minded client, or one that just gets told something and then insists on it?)

      Using S-log2 and S-Log3 from the A7S (or any Alpha camera) in post production.

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