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      Hi all,

      I am a (very) part-time amateur videographer in Ireland, who mainly works with schools/youth clubs covering recitals/concerts/drama/musicals etc.

      For the past 10 years or so, I have always produced the end product on DVD, and never received any complaints. I charged a fee for each DVD, which came in a DVD case, and printed label etc. As a ‘busines model’, this worked well, as it allowed me to take orers, product product to order, and get paid, and donate a portion tot he school/youth club.

      This year, I want to produce in HD, and I am thinking of simply producing the end film in HS format on a USB flash drive. Blu-ray has never really caught on in Ireland, and most people don’t have Blu-ray players, while most people do have either a Smart TV or Android box, or laptop which can take a USB stick.

      My concerns with this are as follows:

      1. From a purely business point of view, I am concerned that people will simply share the end product among themselves, i.e. one person will buy a USB version, then simply share the HD file with others. This will make it a non-viable proposition for me really, as I will need to order in a batch of USB drives before the event in order to be ready to fulfill orders. WHat do most of you videographers do? How do you offer the final product? USB? Is there any way to protect the business viability of it?

      2. Reliability and compatibility of USB flash drives – Which USB drives have a good read/speed speed, and are compatible with most Smart TV’s/Media players for playback on TV. Any recommendations?

      Thanks in advance.

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      If I have to give them files on ‘something’ it’s H264 Mp4 files on USB sticks for me, and they do steal them of course and share, but you need a price structure to cope with this. I’ve got a busy download site and we tried this too, but we got considerable failures because of the file sizes and people not understanding how to get the downloaded file onto something else. USB sticks work better = but loads of people get issues with not playing. My home Panasonic won’t play the files I send to customers for some reason? I have never had a client want a Blueray from the day I put in the burner and bought 25 discs.

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      In the past couple of years our clients have moved away from DVDs in favor of USB flash drives. We buy SanDisc drives in bulk, 50-100 at a time.

      We recommend to all clients that they copy video files from the flash drive to their computer hard drive, as often the thru-put of the flash drive is not adequate to produce good video. All video files are in the mp4 format, as Paul suggests.

      I recently purchased a flash drive duplicator so we can handle large orders efficiently.

      There are undoubtedly those who use their flash drive to share with others but so far that has been a very minor problem for us. There’s nothing to be done about the unscrupulous.

      Sharing on DropBox or a similar site is a possibility but, as Paulears reports, this proves too difficult for many and for us has turned out to be more of a nuisance than a solution.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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