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      I’m looking for an cheaper laptop to edit videos on the go ($400-700 range). I have a very strong PC build at home so it doesn’t have to have the latest and greatest. It just needs to be able run Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly and Render 1080P Video (I’ll handle any 4K from my PC build).

      Any and all suggestions welcome

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      i’m also looking for something similar

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      You might want to look on ebay for a used laptop with these specs (or your ability to upgrade to these specs). i7 intel processor at 3Ghz or faster, 16 GB of RAM, Win 10 64 bit OS, 2GB of Video RAM. I use Premiere Pro CS6 and this is the minimum that has worked for me. Even with these specs, if you are doing anything more than simple cuts and joins and transitions, you are looking at long renders and even longer exports. I’m not even sure how you would transfer an unexported project from the laptop to the PC if you wanted to do additional editing on it on your PC.

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