BANG BANG BANG make stills as fast as that ?

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      I dont want to have to keep hopping between video players who can make stills seconds apart with the hit of a key and video editors who cannot.
      I need to be working with videos and ONE prog.
      If video players can do it so can editors, editors can supposedly go frame by frame backwards, I need that ability to make stills, players such as Jaksta cant do that, there is no frame by frame, MPC_HD has Frame by Frame but every still generated sees it throw up a window asking for a name and location, nightmare. , I also must have the still the same quality and shape as the video when the still is opened into Photoshop or as I intend also, my photogrammetry prog, one player I have used makes circles into elipses, all proportion is lost, kills use in photogrammetry or anything, so what editor can make stills as I BANG BANG BANG on a hotkey ?

      I need an editor that can see me hit a HOTKEY, captures a still to a location set up in prefs, with no interface appearing asking for a name etc as my video is running so thats going to stop my viewing, and doesnt expect me to hit a save button and name it each time, as I have 100’s and 100’s to make from a clip.

      DaVinci Resolve it is said is BAD at stills expecting you to slice up into a frame the video then export that as a still, ye gods !! or right click and export and choose destination and name it, strewth ! Its been thought of as a need to make 1 still not many.

      Vegas again mouse click an icon to take still then click save icon and choose location and name it. again hopeless.

      I need to be able to pause video, go back a frame or so, an ability to jump fwd or backward to a ‘key frame’ where often the best stills are to be found, would be most welcome.

      So which ‘one off purchase’ prog should I install. (premiere CC and subs is out of the question)


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