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      I just purchased a lavalier external mic that plugs into my iphone or go pro camera. I don’t have an adapter for my sony handycam which I use for most of my video work. Currently i used my handy cam for video and my gopro or iphone with the lavalier mic for audio.

      My question is. When editing is it better to use the audio from my lavalier mic only or to have both sources of audio (Handycam & Lavalier mic) combined. I’ve synced up the audio from my iphone with the video i’ve shot and when both sources of audio are used I thought it sounded better than the single audio source alone from the mic.

      Is this because my external mic is a cheap one or is it common practice to include both sources of audio?

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      Whatever sounds the best. The camera will probably capture more room noise, the lavalier probably the subjects’ speech. I usually use the camera audio to sync with the Zoom R16 recorder audio then mute the camera audio in the editor because it doesn’t add anything to the sound. But on one occasion when the Zoom recording malfunctioned, I just used the camera audio and it wasn’t bad.

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