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      Hello community, I have been following this website for a while but this is my first post.

      I am finishing my configuration of my desktop pc and I need some advice on whch GPU to mount. My pc has win10, a Z370M motherboard, i9 9900K CPU, 32gb of Ram (possible bottleneck here…). But I need to put a dedicated GPU since now the pc only has a shared one. I also need to find a good monitor which has true 10 bit and Adobe RGB color space. I am considerng a Benq (like the SW2700PT) or a Nec (like the EA275UHD).

      I will use the pc for advanced photo and video editing. No gaming, autocad or 3D graphic. Softwares to be used are Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere, Capture1, After effects. The videos will be in 4k, 10 bit, prores 422 or h264/h265. The pictures also will be in 10 bit, so it’s important for me to have a graphic card that can support 10 bit on the monitor. So, I was considering a Nvidia quadro card. I don’t have a huge budget, around 400-600 euro.

      What do you think about the Quadro M4000? I know it’s a little old, but it has 8 gb of Vram and on ebay can be found quite cheap. Moreover, the quadro cards are supposed to be like a work horse that gets the job done. What about other Quadro cards like a K2200, K2000, P2000?

      Otherwise, I was also considering the idea of using a GTX one and then put a BlackMagic DeckLink 4k for the 10 bit monitor output. However this configuration gives me the idea of being harder to use and prone to errors, with possible conflicts around the corner.

      Any advice?

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