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      Avatarelse if

      I’m a photographer, but a local wedding company offered me a very good deal to shoot video for their weddings. I’m completely new to video, and they know that.

      1) Which bodies should I consider that can use EF (canon) lenses?

      2) Can I get image stabilization without hardware like a slider? Is IBIS what I want? If so, which cameras have IBIS and can use EF lenses? If not, what hardware do I need?

      3) If I want to add 4k to my requirements, which bodies should I consider?

      4) If I care a lot about dynamic range (it is called that with video cameras, right? Not exposure latitude?), which bodies should I consider?

      Finally, any advice regarding other equipment/accessories?

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      Avatarelse if

      Alright, I spent a lot of time today searching for camera bodies. I think the EOS Rp is the best option for what I want to do. I realized that I don’t want 4k at all, because my secondary bodies will not be 4k.

      The C100 MK II has very, very crappy face tracking. The ursa mini pro has no AF or poor AF.

      I know the Rp’s claim to do 4k is basically a lie, but I’ll be using it at 1080. It’s full frame, so I can use the lenses I have. It’s cheap, it’s light, and it has remarkable eye tracking with firmware version 1.4.

      If anyone disagrees, please say so.

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