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      I read a PC Mag article with a comparison chart of several video editors.,2817,2372120,00.asp

      Adobe Elements will not do the following:
      ∙ Multi-cam editing
      ∙ 3D Editing
      ∙ 360 VR Content
      ∙ Export to H.625 (HEVC)

      I’m wondering if those features are mostly used by professional video editors at motion pic studios or film editing companies?

      Otherwise, those features are not often needed by content creators/editors uploading content on their own Google Channel or YouTube?

      Thank you.

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      Adobe Premiere Elements is an entry level editing program. It’s only about $100, so the price is very reasonable and it’s a good way to get started with learning the mechanics of video editing. Premiere Pro is more of a professional level software with a much steeper learning curve. You can get it with a subscription. If you goal is to upload to YouTube, Elements should do fine. Also, has tutorials for both programs.

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