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      Didn’t want to post this in the action sport sub forum so I might get some more varied creative ideas.

      A common comment with anyone who has used a GoPro for POV shots is that nothing looks as “gnarly” as it does in real life.

      The standard chest mount or head mount doesn’t come close to giving you a perspective of size and speed, and in particular undulations are completely lost on video.

      Thinking specifically about mountain biking, can you think of any out of the box angles that might help get that sense of size?

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      Speed is sensed relative to something else. People traveling at 30,000 feet in an airplane have no sense of speed. In fact they have little sense of motion. Reduce the altitude to 30 feet, however, where buildings and geographic features can be seen flashing by and the landing speed of 185 miles an hour is obvious.

      I suspect your POV camera is aimed straight ahead of you on your bike, pointing ahead a great distance as you raise you head to see where you are going. Mount a camera on the side of your helmet and you should get the full effect of speed: trees, rocks and other features flashing by. This should provide a sense of undulation as well. Now cut this with the front-mounted camera and you’ve got a great sequence.

      Many years ago a French film maker — I can’t remember who — used the POV of a small child lying in the back seat of a rapidly moving convertible for a transition. All we saw, from the child’s viewpoint, was the blurred canopy of trees above the car as it sped down a country road. When the car stopped we found ourselves in another scene.

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