Achieving an Evenly “Dim/Moody” Look

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      Hi everyone. I’ll be shooting a short film this summer that’ll require several scenes with a more or less “evenly” dim/lowlight look indoors. Scenes that look like moonlight or dusk interiors, but the source of light is not coming from an onscreen source, and the light source is evenly flooding the interior.

      It’s hard to find samples of this online, as most dusk or moonlit interiors often display an obviously harsh, single source onscreen, but I found one below from a Magnavox spot made by Luminary Visuals, a Miami video production company; specifically in the spot’s second half:

      They have some other “dim/moody” cinematography in other parts of their portfolio, as well:


      So, I’d like to ask you all two things, based on the spot in the link above:

      1) How do you think they were able to achieve the even, dim-to-dark look of the second half of the spot, without almost any grain in the footage?

      2) There’s a scene where they go from a somewhat illuminated party, to near total darkness. What’s the best way to achieve that, so it looks natural, and you don’t have any crazy peaking or underexposure on either end of the transition?

      We’ll be shooting on a RED Epic-W Helium. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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