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      Hello all!

      Right, so I have quite the decision right now. I have about £3600 to spend on upgrading all my kit, my original plan was to keep my current Sony a6300 and buy an a7III however I’m now having second thoughts. I create promotional videos, event videos and hoping to get into wedding videos. I love the low light capabilities and beautiful bokeh the A7 III can create out the box without the need for speed boosters and that’s my main reason for wanting it. I have had bad experiences with my old G7, viltrox ef-m2 and sigma 18-35mm with it just being an incredibly annoying set up with the weight and major sharpness and focus issues. A friend of mine has the GH5s, metabones XL and canon glass and his works a dream and even works with his DJI follow focus wheel on the ronin-s but I’m reluctant to go back to that smaller sensor with adapters due to that bad experience. Obviously, the GH5(s) has some insane specs so it’s hard not to consider it.

      I’ll devise a list of what I like and what I’m worried about with each camera and hopefully some of you will have experience with the cameras and can tell me what you think!

      Sony A7 III

      I like:

      Low light capabilities – I don’t have to worru about lighting conditions for weddings and events
      “Full frame look” – Deep DoF achieved easily and great lens selection (easy to get wide angles)
      Great AF – Although not extremely important as I can live without (have been doing for a while now) it would be nice to have and would be great if I’m filming trackside or just telephoto at all
      A lot of great sony glass and can be adapted to canon fairly easily if really needed
      Works great with a6300 – Can share glass and colours will be similar
      Worried about:

      Slow mo and 1080p isn’t as nice as GH5(s)
      Only 8bit colour – although my post-processing doesn’t tend to be too intense atm but I’m currently working on improving it
      If that insane lowlight is really needed – Will GH5 be good enough?
      HDMI issues – Doesn’t show settings on the monitor and the screen turns off if recording 4k etc…
      Possible rolling shutter issues?

      I like:

      4k 60fps
      Amazing slow-mo and 1080p
      10 bit colour depth
      Stabilisation on the GH5 is insane
      Extra FoV with the GH5s
      Menu system
      Works well with monitor (full hdmi :D)
      Works well with Ronin-S
      Worried about:

      Low light capabilities good enough?
      Don’t particularly like native lenses
      Worried about using adapters and they’re extra cost
      GH5 or GH5s?
      Autofocus isn’t great
      Doesn’t work well with A6300 – Would have to sell it and replace with another camera (what camera to get then?)
      BMPCC 4k

      I like:

      Even crazier specs
      Like insane specs!
      Worried about:

      God awful battery life
      Awful autofocus
      Need for adapters
      Needs to be rigged up to work well – more cost!
      Unsure about its capabilities for run and gun kind of shooting
      ^ As you can tell I’m not sold on the BMPCC 4k but it’s there as an option so I can’t ignore it

      If you can think of any other advantages/disadvantages to any of the cameras please let me know. Hopefully, some of you have experiences with these cameras nut even if you don’t please let me know what you think is best!

      Thanks so much!

      Lewis :))))

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