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      Hello all,

      I have done some super simple video editing in iMovie on my iPhone, but have never really used any fancier editing software. On a 1-10, I’d say I’m about a 7.5 on the “tech savvy” scale, but my work wants me to create a fun video that is well beyond my current knowledge. Basically, we want to do an introduction video that mimics something like the Love Boat intro. This would include custom transitions that incorporate the company logo, video layers (live video background with talking heads in foreground), “80’s” style/”low quality” video filter, music, and text overlays.

      I created a very simple version on my phone in iMovie, but they want a quality that will closely resemble professional TV production from 1980. What kind of software, tutorials, apps, etc would I need to tackle this kind of project? We have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription if that helps.

      Thank you in advance!

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      If you have Adobe CC you can use Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition and youtube videos for the things you want to do with it. Maybe you can download some of these 80’s shows from youtube and use parts of them to assemble what you want to do. You haven’t said anything about shooting it from scratch so I guess you will be using and changing one of these show intros, adding your own logos, and voice track, and titles, etc. Youtube instructional videos for Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition can teach you the specific tasks you are trying to accomplish.

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      Contrary to popular belief, Tv in the 70’s and 80’s really wasn’t low quality at all! it was what we now term SD quality, and images in 525 (US) and 625(UK) lines were actually quite sharp. Sadly, the limiting factor was the VT machines, and while the Ampex VPR tape machines in the broadcasters VT departments did a great job, home recording was limited to around 240 lines, and worse, copies of copies were pretty poor – and it is these you now see on youtube, all soft and fuzzy. Our BBC repeat series popular in the 70s, and the quality is visually the same as many of the others.

      So you don’t need to degrade the images at all, but reproduce the gamma and colour curves of film, which many of the major series were of course shot on. use youtube to study how they managed captions and titles, and of course end credits. Most had quite catchy tunes for their title sequences, and used the styles of the day – so lots of orchestras and big orchestrations. lots of strings and brass. Love boat titles really don’t tax the editor at all – very standard basic stuff. Premiere can do it all, without needing to learn AE.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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