24fps or 25fps PAL/NTSC UK question

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      hi everyone
      I live in the UK and since owning Canon’s I have always shot at 24fps for that ‘filmic look’. I have recently moved to Sony and have a wedding shoot coming up. Should I be shooting PAL 25fps? as 24fps is only available on the NTSC setting. I can also only shoot 120fps on the NTSC mode.

      So my question, if I’m in the UK should i really be shooting in PAL or is NTSC fine as long as I avoid strobe lights?


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      I’m not in the UK and don’t shoot in PAL. However, conventional wisdom suggests that shooting in the format that will be on the deliverable creates the least hassle and provides the best image quality: i.e., PAL camera to PAL DVD.

      No sure where strobe lights figure into your thinking here.

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      I’m in the UK and 25fps is the standard. There is NO reason to shoot in 24fps. It’s in my own humble opinion a myth. It has no purpose because while you can see the difference between 30 frames a second and 24 in the movement of fast objects in the frame, 25 vs 24 is so tiny, I cannot. British TV still uses 25frame per second (50 fields per second) for all the terrestrial and satellite services. If you shoot in 24fps, then at some point, data will be interpolated wonderfully or terribly to return it to 25, and of course if you have a digital higher frame rate TV, then it too will be doing additional interpolation. Common sense says that sticking to multiples of the frame rate and power distribution frequency returns the best subjective picture quality. 24fps is an anachronism, no longer of any real value since we stopped using film.

      If you shoot for British audiences, shoot in 25/50 and if it’s for US audiences, pick 30/60.

      However – strobing is a problem if you use 30/60 in the UK with some lighting that uses fluorescent, LED or discharge sources – with our 50Hz mains, 25/50 is the only sensible origination format, and conversion the solution if the market is US. I have one small camera that is 30fps only and this responds very badly to lighting that is locked to 50Hz. Others I have seem immune at 30fps. 24fps is simply pointless. Others will have magic eyes and see things perhaps I don’t. After all – who actually replays any 24fps footage AT 24?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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