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Lighting for Video

Here you will find articles and advice on video lighting techniques, video lighting equipment, and video lighting effects… everything from the latest video lighting kits to specialized lights for camcorders.

Digital Camcorder Reviews and Techniques

Looking for a new camcorder? This is the place to see what’s available and how much it will cost.
At Videomaker we test and write about new video camera technologies and features as they are introduced. The articles in this section show you how to use those new features, and how to find a camcorder that best fits your budget and video production goals.

Video Editing Software

Digital video editing has opened the door to a vast array of creativity for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced professional video editor. These articles include video editing software buyer’s guides and reviews to help you pick the editing software that best fits your skill level and your pocketbook.

Video Storage

As video and audio content producers, we have greater storage needs than practically any other subset of computer users. So we have written a lot of articles on video storage solutions. Here you will find reviews so you can compare cost and utility of video storage solutions.

Computer Systems

Nobody likes to wait while the computer is processing their videos, and we have all suffered the frustration of having a computer flash an error message when processing a video using the latest software. So what are the best desktop video editing computers? Is there a laptop for video editing that will do the job fast enough? The articles in this section aim to answer those questions.

Blank Media and Duplication

Why do some DVDs have trouble playing shortly after they were burned, while others seem to work on every player, every time? Often, the difference is in the quality of the blank media they started with. These articles will help you make the trade off between cheap blank media, and the more durable blank media that will allow your grandchildren’s grandchildren to view your wedding ceremony.

Tripods and Camera Supports

These articles include reviews and discussions of tripods, dollies, booms, jibs, cranes and handheld camera stabilizer devices.

Camcorder Bags & Camcorder Cases

Camera cases today are constructed of quality materials, such as thick foam padding, waterproof nylon, 1/4-inch thick plywood and reinforced plastic armor. There are adjustable pockets, customizable dividers, zippered compartments, and room for other accessories. There are hard cases, soft cases, rolling cases, backpacks, day packs, shoulder bags, and more. The articles in this section will help you find the camcorder case that’s right for you.