This Magnetic Filter Instantly Attaches to Your Camera

Breakthrough Photograph's magnetic filter
Breakthrough’s magnetic filter snaps onto the adapter instantly

There’s a breakthrough at Breakthrough Photography. The company’s just launched a circular magnetic filter that attaches instantly to your camera.

The system is made of only two parts. The first is the magnetic adapter — of course — and then there’s an equally magnetic lens filter you attach to your camera. The lens filter looks like it attaches instantly to the adapter in Breakthrough’s demo video below:

This is “a revolutionary new way to use filters,” Breakthrough says. “[W]e reimagined the way you use camera filters by allowing you to attach a filter instantly.”

Breakthrough’s magnetic filters are compatible with 82mm thread sizes and smaller. You won’t have to buy a new filter each time you change your lens. You’d just need a new adapter and set-up ring.


Here are the advantages of using a Breakthrough’s magnetic filter

You can probably already guess this, but using a magnetic filter can save you precious time over traditional circular and square filters. There’s no screwing in the filters after all. A snap is all that’s needed — besides initially screwing on the mount to your camera. But magnetic filters also save you time because they are always correctly aligned, they can rotate independently and they avoid light leaks — a common Achilles’ heel for square filters.

“For decades filter manufacturers have designed around the problem of square filter light leak by making different holder designs attempting to completely eliminate light leak 100% of the time,” Breakthrough says. “And when using 10 or 15-stop ND filters, any light leak significantly reduces contrast and saturation.

Breakthrough goes on to claim they’ve “eliminated light leak with magnetic filters.”’

Magnetic Camera Filter

Does the lens come off as easily as it pops on?

It’s a great question that many seem to have. From what we can tell, it looks like you just stick your fingers into an edge of the filter and pull it out.

It doesn’t seem hard to do, but we can just imagine videographers rushing around and accidentally smudging their lenses when removing the filter.

Pricing and Availability

Breakthrough offers magnetic filters for all the major filter types: UV, CPL, ND, Dark CPL, Night Sky, and Infrared. Their 49mm to 82mm magnetic adapter rings are priced at 12 dollars each. The filters cost between 100 to 200 dollars each. The company also offers a magnetic X100 universal holder for 100mm square filters.

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