This is What it Takes to Maintain a High-output YouTube Channel

Jordy founded the small Belgium-based company back in 2014. One of Cinecom’s core philosophies at is that the equipment you use doesn’t always have to be the most expensive; it just has to be reliable and suited to your workflow. Cinecom focuses on educating its audience about how they can produce commercial videos on a budget through online tutorial videos as well as courses and blogs.

Cinecom’s Success

After Cinecom’s initial success, Jordy has been able to expand his operations to YouTube and hire a production team to work at Cinecom, thus creating the popular YouTube channel

Cinecom’s YouTube channel has amassed almost 450,000 subscribers over the couple of years its been live on the platform — very impressive to say the least. Jordy attributes the channels success to his company’s sheer creativity.

“We always try to think outside the box,” Jordy says with a smile. “ … for example, one of our latest projects was a music video where you would see this huge crane movement in that video clip, and it’s probably a pretty expensive crane so we were looking for a creative way to recreate that on the cheap. So we built our own wooden camera crane to recreate that effect and it came out pretty good in my opinion.”

Every Tuesday and Friday, Cinecom puts out a new episode for their community to enjoy and learn from. Jordy notes that their most popular episodes are often on Friday because they do what they call Copycat Friday: “What we do in that series is find a creative way to re-create certain effect [or] editing technique from a popular film and music video, or another video creator.” Their Copycat Fridays have tackled a wide variety of topics from sources like Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE” music video, “Blade Runner 2049” and even “Stranger Things.”

Expanding Operations

Because of Cinecom’s uniqueness, on top of a lot of hard work, Jordy has seen his company grow at an unbelievable speed. “Over the past year, my company has been growing enormously,” Jordy says. It’s grown so big that Jordy was able to purchase a studio this past year, even though he admittedly pounders whether Cinecom really needs one. “ … do we need a studio? Not really. But I see it to be a part of my workflow,” Jordy explains. “Every video that we make, we utilize the space. I find that very important.”

“I also love to work with space. That is why I see this studio as part of my equipment, you know. Something that I can rely on. And the same thing goes with lighting, with cameras, with sliders, strains, whatever you have,” Jordy continues. “You have to rely on it. If something breaks today, then we won’t make our deadline.”

Getting the Right Equipment for the Job

As he settled into his new production environment, Jordy knew that Cinecom needed a few reliable computers — and he wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the best possible systems he could get with his budget. So Jordy decided to build his own system. “I wouldn’t go just to a computer store and ask them ‘do you have something off the self?’ I always trying to get the best system possible for my budget. So that’s why I built my own system and I always do that,” Jordy says.

While crafting these new systems, Jordy says he made a “very conscious” decision to include Intel’s brand-new Core X Series processors in his office computers. He knew that he wanted to future-proof these system for a while. ““I don’t want to build and buy a new computer every year,” Jordy explains, “ we are sure that the new [Intel] architecture is future proof. And that again helps me to spend a little extra buck into the system, having better performance and also making sure that it last a little bit longer.” He adds that the previous Intel processors like the i3, i5 and i7 are still “amazingly good” and that he would use them if his budget didn’t permit him to invest in the latest processors from Intel’s Core X Series.

As Cinecom continues to grow, Jordy knows that he needs access to the most reliable equipment out there, and not just the most expensive equipment. By including Intel’s new Core X Processor series in his production studio computers, Jordy is confident that he’ll be able to continue to do what he loves for years to come and that his company will continue to  thrive.

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