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The Videomaker Podcast is for anyone who wants to make better video or be a better filmmaker. We believe freedom of expression is essential for human progress, and that free societies are better off when more people can effectively express themselves with video.

Full Episodes with Video

The secret behind Videomaker’s favorite cameras revealed

The Videomaker Podcast is your go-to resource for everything about the world of videography. In this episode, Mike and Chris talk all about the best cameras out there. They go over Videomaker's Best Mirrorless and DSLR Camera Buyers guide. You don't want to miss this information-packed episode of the Videomaker Podcast.

Video Transitions Demystified

Mike and Chris discuss all things transitions. They discuss all the bad transitions and what transitions you should be using.

Everything you need to know about the exposure triangle for video

Mike and Chris talk all about the exposure triangle for video and that you might be using it wrong when shooting video. Learn how the exposure triangle for video works and everything else you need to know in this episode of the Videomaker Podcast.

All of the cool gear from NAB 2022

Mike and Chris talk about NAB 2022 and all of the video production equipment they saw. They go over what they thought the main theme of the show was and go over the 12 products that earned a Best of NAB 2022 award from Videomaker. 

What is the best bitrate for YouTube?

Mike and Chris discuss what you should think about when exporting your video for YouTube. It's not always an easy answer, but they get to the bottom of it in this, the 101st episode. 

Episode Highlights

Transitions overview

Chris and Mike talk about video editing transitions, what they are and how to use them.

The Cut

Mike and Chris discuss the cut, a timeless transition whose goal is to be invisible while creating depth with a contrast of images.

The Dissolve

Chris and Mike explore the dissolve transition and how it can smoothly imply the passage of time or change of location.

The Fade

Mike and Chris talk about fade transitions and how they can be useful when you need to show a major shift in a story.

The Jump Cut

Usually, one to avoid, Chris and Mike review the jump cut and how using it for going from one similar shot to another can be jarring.

The Flash

Chris and Mike discuss how you can cover up harsh transitions between scenes by using a flash transition.

The Wipe

Mike and Chris review the quintessential Star Wars transition.

The Iris

Self aware and cheesy, the iris is not invisible but  embraces what it’s doing.

The Match Action Cut

Mike and Chris explain how you can go from one shot to another seamlessly just by matching the action from each shot. 

The Morph Cut

Chris and Mike talk about how you can morph one shot into the next one using a morph cut.

Cheesy Transitions

 Mike and Chris cover some cheesy transitions like the star wipe, the page peel, their uses and what to avoid.