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The Videomaker Podcast is for anyone who wants to make better video or be a better filmmaker. We believe freedom of expression is essential for human progress, and that free societies are better off when more people can effectively express themselves with video.

Full Episodes with Video

We talk to the biggest vlogger

Chris and Mike talk to the biggest vlogger around, Casey Neistat! Whenever you think of who is the biggest vlogger, you have to consider Casey Neistat. We talk to him about how he created his signature look and the path he had to take to become the biggest vlogger.

Smartphones vs cinema cameras

Mike and Chris take a fresh look at the 'smartphone for video' debate. While the answer may seem self-evident, two filmmakers can quickly come to opposite conclusions. This episode's topics include the pros and cons of both opinions and why smartphones may overtake cinema...

The do’s and don’ts of copyright for video

Chris and Mike tackle the common questions videographers have about copyright and how to keep your video safe and protected from legal threats. They talk about how to legally use music, images and video clips you don't own, how to copyright your videos and much more.

Essential gear for beginning filmmakers

ike and Chris talk about all of the gear you need when starting out. These are the things you must have to start making professional videos.

5 overlooked filmmaking concepts

Chris and Mike talk about five overlooked filmmaking concepts. They discuss the four attributes of light, color, intensity, quality and direction. They talk about the 180-degree rule and eyelines, focusing on the second vs. third-person perspective and one-way vs two-way portal. They talk about how impactful the Kuleshov Effect is and finish up with Freytag’s pyramid, talking about how exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and denouement are necessities in a good story.

Episode Highlights

How to legally use music you don’t own

Mike and Chris cover the rules around music usage. 

How to safely use images and video in your work

Mike and Chris discuss how to find images and video  you can safely use.

What is fair use?

Chris and Mike discuss when can you  use copyrighted content and what constitutes transformative content. 

How to copyright your own work

Mike and Chris talk about copyrighting and protecting your own work and how it’s easier than most people think. 

Essential gear #1 – Camera support

Mike and Chris discuss the need to have something to hold your camera in place when you aren’t holding it. 

Essential gear #2 – Microphones

Chris and Mike talk about how good audio starts with an external microphone and good microphone placement.

Essential gear #3 – Boom poles

A boom pole helps you put the microphone close to your subject and gives you versatility in microphone placement. 

Essential gear #4 – Audio cables

Mike and Chris discuss using cables to get the audio from your microphone to your camera and other cable management.

Essential gear #5 – 5-in-1 reflector

Chris and Mike talk about using the versatile 5-in-1 reflector to create fill light from a single light source and it’s multiple other uses. 

Essential gear #6 – Editing software

Mike and Chris discuss editing software and it’s role in making your video look better and how it helps you tell your story. 

Chris and Mike’s personal must-have gear choices

Mike and Chris share the one “must have” item they never leave without. 

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