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The Videomaker Podcast is for anyone who wants to make better video or be a better filmmaker. We believe freedom of expression is essential for human progress, and that free societies are better off when more people can effectively express themselves with video.

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What is the best bitrate for YouTube?

Mike and Chris discuss what you should think about when exporting your video for YouTube. It's not always an easy answer, but they get to the bottom of it in this, the 101st episode. 

What we’ve learned from 100 podcast episodes

In this, the 100th Videomaker podcast episode, Mike and Chris talk about what they have learned from the process of making a podcast that's lasted. They talk about what it took technically to do a podcast that is also a vidcast. They talk about...

Lens flares, light leaks and film burn – everything you need to know

Mike and Chris talk about lens flares, light leaks, and film burn. They talk about what they are, their application, and if you should use them. They also talk about how they are created and the history of each effect.

5 ways to improve your next editing project

From the video editor who is just beginning their career to the tried and true senior editor, there is always something to learn. Here are five ways novice and intermediate editors alike can improve their video editing skills to consistently turn out great work.

What you should charge for your video production

Mike and Chris tackle the age-old question, what should I charge for this. It's a difficult question, but with their insight, you'll get all the answers in this podcast.  Check out the Rate calculator here:

Episode Highlights

Reflection on 100 Episodes – What we learned along the way

Mike and Chris look back at what they learned from 100 episodes of the Videomaker Podcast.

Reflection on 100 Episodes – We wanted everyone to look as good as we...

Chris and Mike talk about setting up remote interviews and their desire to have their guests have as nice of an image as they have.

Reflection on 100 Episodes – What we learned about multicast post-production

Recording a Podcast/Vidcast is just part of the work. Mike and Chris talk about what they learned about post production during the process.

Reflection on 100 Episodes – Interviews and learning how to perform

Mike and Chris talk about the difficulties of a vidcast with interviews. They also talk about what they had to learn about performing.

Reflection on 100 Episodes – Our first setup was a big problem

Mike and Chris reminisce about starting the Videomaker Podcast. They discuss the first three test episodes and the problems they had to overcome.

A look at the new MacBook Pro Max

Mike and Chris discuss the new MacBook Pro Max and why they think people are excited to know about it. 

MacBook Pro Max specs, innovations and form factor

hris and Mike talk about the return of the SD card slot, HDMI and USB ports, larger screen and the MacBook Pro Max’s blazing fast internal storage. 

Predictions-What comes after the MacBook Pro Max?

If the MacBook Pro Max lives up to its claims, what does this mean for Windows based laptops in the new few years? 

Why use a tripod

Chris and Mike discuss why a tripod is an absolutely essential tool for videographers and what defining features make something a video tripod.

Tripod features for beginners

Mike and Chris discuss the basic features needed in a tripod for beginners. 

Tripod features for enthusiasts

Chris and Mike talk about the things a tripod needs to have in order to be considered enthusiast level tripod.