The Mantis Q Drone Can Shoot 4K Video and Use Voice Control

Drone developer Yuneec looking to woo from DJI’s Spark with its 500 dollar Mantis Q drone – which shoots 4K video and features voice control.

There are many reasons to compare the Mantis Q to the DJI Spark, both are fairly compact drones. However there are some key differences that set them apart. Let’s take a look and see what those are:

Mantis Q vs. Spark

What the Mantis Q does better

Now, the Spark is what you would consider a more budget drone. It’s about a hundred dollars less than the Mantis Q. But the Mantis Q offers some features that you wouldn’t find on a budget drone and still tries to keep things relatively budget friendly.

Mantis Q
Mantis Q

The Mantis Q includes 4K video recording, infrared and sonar-based indoor stabilization, and foldable arms. There’s even voice control, face detection, a 44 mph top speed and up to 33-minute flight time. That’s more than double the Spark’s 16 minute flight time! Also, at top speeds, the Mantis Q can reach 44 mph while the Spark reaches 31 mph.

Mantis Q folded
Mantis Q folded

What the Mantis Q Doesn’t do Better

There are some drawbacks though. The Mantis Q is more big than the Spark. It’s 6.6 inches long and weighs about a pound. It also has a vertical-only camera gimbal. That something more professional videographers probably won’t find appealing. This is one of the main elements holding the Mantis Q from being a more professional drone than a consumer drone.

Still, the Mantis looks like it could be a viable alternative to the drone juggernaut DJI and more expensive drones with similar features.

Mantis Q's remote
Mantis Q’s remote

Mantis Q Drone’s Pricing and Availability

Yuneec hasn’t announced when the Mantis Q will begin to ship, but it’s currently open for pre-order right now for 500 dollars. There is a 650 dollar X-Pack option available that includes two extra batteries and a shoulder bag.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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