Stuff You Need to Know

Lenses: How does focus work?

If you’re new to shooting video, you may notice that fellow camera geeks like to talk a lot about “glass”. While there are a lot of things made of glass in the video world, there’s only one thing called “glass”: Your camera lens. Here's how it works to produce a useable, in-focus image.
Get the Most from Your Editing Machine

How to optimize your editing machine for best performance

Unless you work for a restoration house or film archive, the days of having to edit video on a $10,000-dollar room-sized flatbed editor are...

How to choose the right computer for video editing: 4 key...

Buying the best workstation for your needs means understanding how the CPU, GPU, RAM and storage options work together to enhance overall performance.
Simply put, HDR is a color enhancement feature that allows the range of colors to be extended on both the light and dark ends of the spectrum.

Keeping Up with HDR — No Camera Upgrade Required

We’ve all had those moments in our lives when we are stopped in our tracks by the awe-inspiring beauty of the “now”. Magnificent morning...
DIY Computer Diagnosis: Solve your PC problems like a pro

DIY Computer Diagnosis: Solve your PC Problems Like a Pro

Before you rush off to an expert that will charge you an arm and a leg to solve your computer issues, here are a...
photo of interior of computer

Your step-by-step guide to assembling a video editing computer from scratch

A successful DIY computer build requires only patience and attention to detail. It can be nerve-wracking to handle these delicate, expensive components, but once you know the process, it’s not too difficult.
Image stabilization systems are very useful in reducing camera shake when shooting handheld and, with practice, you can learn to achieve smooth tracking shots.

How does image stabilization work?

There are various ways for a videographer to stabilize their footage. If your camera doesn’t need to move, a tripod is ideal. Where camera...
Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the primary memory used by your computer and is responsible for loading the operating system and running programs.

How much RAM do you need for video editing?

Let's dive in to better understand the importance of RAM and why having more is not necessarily an immediate need for most. RAM vs VRAM Random...
Microphone with specifications manual

Deciphering Mic Tech Specs

Have you ever struggled choosing the best microphone for a particular situation? Let us demystify mic specifications to give you the power to make the best choice.
CUDA vs. OpenCL vs. OpenGL

CUDA vs. OpenCL vs. OpenGL

What is CUDA? What about OpenCL and OpenGL? And why should we care? The answers to these questions are difficult to pin down —...

Video Courses

Videographer’s Guide to Lenses

In this course, you will gain the understanding needed to make the best technical decision for each shooting application as well as the knowledge...

What's New

SaaS for video production

SaaS for video production: What is it and how can you use it?

SaaS is more than just a typical video production process. Let's dive into SaaS, discuss what it is and how you can use it.

How to navigate log shooting

If you carefully consider your shooting conditions, equipment and plans for post-production, you can determine whether shooting in log is right for you.

Editing in 8K: Minimum system requirements

Let's look at what it takes to build a computer that can handle 8K video editing requirements and what parts you need.
best video editing cpu featured image

What is the best CPU for video editing in 2023?

Are you looking for a CPU for video editing? You're in the right place. We will run through everything you should consider when buying a CPU.
AI video production

How AI can help in the video production process

AI is pioneering a new frontier for video production. Here's how AI can aid in the pre-production, production and post-production process.
What is the rolling shutter effect feature image

The rolling shutter effect explained

Have you ever shot a fast-moving subject with your camera and the footage looked a bit warped? That's the rolling shutter effect at work.
What is film grain featured image

What is film grain?

To understand what film grain is and how to avoid it, you first must understand the process of how it's created.

What is Trelby and why should you use it?

Sticking to the rules of screenplay writing are a must, but it can be challenging. However, Trelby can help make it easier.
anamorphic lenses under $2500

Best anamorphic lenses under $2,500

Quality anamorphic lenses can easily cost you thousands of dollars. However, there are a few budget options that achieve a comparable effect.
Color space featured image

What is color space and why does it matter?

Knowing common color spaces and how to use them in your projects will grant you greater control over your images.
Lens diaphragm featured image

What is the function of an iris diaphragm?

The iris diaphragm is an essential component for your lens' aperture. Let's discuss how the iris diaphragm works and why it's important.
What is a jib featured image

What is a jib?

If you've ever wondered how films can pull off the shot where zoom out as the protagonist walks into the sunset, the answer is a jib.

What’s new in Avid Media Composer in 2021

Avid Media Composer, also referred to as just Avid, has made some big progress from your fathers Avid. Learn about the new additions and improvements to the line up in this video.

New Products from Blackmagic Design in 2021

Blackmagic released a long list of products this year, in this video you will learn about them all!