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I have for sale a used Sony PMW-EX1R XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorder in great condition. I have always taken excellent care of it. It was always stored in my camera bag when I wasn’t shooting with it. The LCD screen looks beautiful. The camera lens has no scratches on it and I kept the camera’s lens protected with the Tiffen UV filter I had on the camera at all times. I am the original purchaser of the camera. I bought it brand new from B&H Photo in June of 2010. Every part of the camera functions properly.

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Hello all, thanks in advance for your help. I recently bought a pmw-ex1. I also bought a sony card reader and started to offload footage onto a WD mybook, via my old Mac G4 and usb, which needless to say took forever. The first time I offloaded footage it was in a file called BPAV. The next time I tried to drag and drop the folder from the card reader it prompted me to change the name of the folder so as not to have to overwrite the existing folder on the external. Standard procedure. I did so and changed the name of the folder to BPAV 2. I did this several more times with different names.

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The goal of this guide is to provide you with a general foundation of
knowledge about each of the most popular HD formats, so that you can
use this information as part of your decision. It is not a technical
manual. I am going to do my best to avoid tech speak and keep it in
simple to understand terms.

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