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Hey guys. I have recently started getting into shooting weddings. As far as technical stuff, I seem to have that part down pretty well (at least until I can come some more money to increase my equipment). The two things that I have struggled with greatly when I'm working on this video in post are: Transitioning from topic to topic. For instance, the reception speeches to cake cutting or from cake cutting to the big dances that take place such as father daughter. I can't seem to find a happy medium on how to make those transitions.

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What is so rewarding about doing wedding video production, and WHERE is the incentive for doing it EXCLUSIVELY?

IMHO, it seems that VERY FEW independent professional video services providers make a substantial average annual income doing ONLY weddings. While some do propose offering other event services on their web sites, these sites are predominantly wedding oriented, and rarely show ANY other event sample clips on their sites.

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