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Quite some time ago, I found anawesomewebsite, you could collaborate with other members, download the site's software, and share your footage with other members kind of make project with them via online software. You could also get royalty free footage from the software with the creative commons license. I recently had to format my PC and for the life of me I can't remember the site or address. I hadn't used it for quite some time, and of course when I need it i can't remember it. Any suggestions help would be well appreciated. Thanks guys.

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This start-up is definitely for those, who are engaged in self video production. Their content base counts hundreds of pretty interesting and well-designed shows (I've checked carefully)) They are trying to accumulate all the best from infamous filmmakers and then entertain us -I've never seen NONE of their animation collection before. You may also try - I'm waiting for your impressions.


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