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Hello out there fellow video enthusiasts.


My name is Ben and I work for a small transcription company called Word Wizards. We are currently working on a new product to further improve the workflow benefits of using transcripts during video production. I am trying to identify how many producers out there still use transcripts with time code in their post production process. Please weigh in on this if you feel you have something to share.


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Hi everyone,

Good day!

I've been working in non-fiction production for a few years and my team and I got tired of how slow, frustrating and expensive transcription is. So we ran some tests by applying speech recognition to audio and video files and it worked great. It's amazing when you can get back transcription immediately with pretty good accuracy!

We've now built Simon Says (, a website for automated transcription and we are looking for users to test the site and give us feedback.

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I know there is a ton of info on editing AVCHD out there, but most of it goes over my head. I'm looking for a simple answer please.I know there must be other people like me out there who just do basic editing in WMM, of videos like their kids soccer games and b-day parties,who have upgraded to a new camcorder only to find that they can no longer do these basic editing tasks. I know there are programs like Sony Vegas Movie Studio that can edit AVCHD, but it sounds like they require a powerful pc and a lot of processing time.

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