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CES 2014 Best Workstation: HP Z1 G2

The HP Z1 G2 is an all in one workstation capable of having a touch screen and Thunderbolt 2. The entire front of the Z1 G2 can be lifted up like a car hood and the components may be upgraded or switched, all with your hands. This makes it very user friendly, yet powerful.

All in one desktop workstation

CES 2014: HP Z1 G2 Workstation

HP Z1 G2, an all in one workstation, touch screen, Thunderbolt 2. These are, powerful words to be involved with. HP has them all, and lots to back it up too. We've seen the Z1 in the past year or so, and the ZBooks got us excited, so with the HP Z1 G2, what really makes the headline are two front running features, coincidentally, two Ts, touch and Thunderbolt 2.

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