Apple and Windows Reveal New Operating Systems

Apple and Windows Reveal New Operating Systems

Video editors are constantly demanding more of their computer's software. So it's been interesting to note that in a coincidentally close space of a couple of days, two of the world's largest software manufacturers released new operating systems. Windows released a sneak preview of their newest operating system, Windows 8, while Apple just released their newest iteration of Mac OS X code named Lion at their WWDC conference today.

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I just watched the Launch promo for CS5 and I'm not blown away, but they've definitely got some 'wow' factors in some of the improvements and tools. Off the top of my head things that grabbed me were:

Mercury Playback Engine (Premiere Pro)

Puppet Pins, Background removal/replacement tools, brush mixing (Photoshop)

Auto Rotoscoping, RAM Preview capable of fully using available RAM (AFX)

Codeless creation and importation of designs from Suite Programs into Flash and Dreamweaver.

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