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I have been using Vegas pro since version 9, and find the software to be very good. However, when I moved up to Vegas 11 I have experienced a constant flow of minor problems. Getting excessive "Vegas has stopped working" messages where the software would close and not save the changes I made in the project, or the current issue of rendering a file, then adding titles and music and re rendering the file only to get an occasional frame where the color of the sky is yellow or purple.

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I have used AVID Studio (updated with 1.1 patch) on my older Windows 7 OS quad desktop without a problem (actually I am probably one of the few who really like the program), however, when I ported it over to my new HP Windows 7 Quad i7 Chip Laptop with independent 1gb Graphic Card and 8 gb of Machine Memory, the program tries to bring in HD video files (clips) and after about a minute appears to overload using 100% of the Laptop CPU and both the NG and Avid Studio portions of the program crash.

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I have a very large collection of home videos in VHS format. I recently bought the canopus ADVC110 capture device to convert all the tapes to digital format.

The device came packaged (for some extra dollars) with Pinnacle Studio 14HD. The first impression was good but quickly I gave up on using the pinnacle software as it crashes too much and without any obvious reason to do so.

Therefore I am looking for alternative that would be powerful and STABLE. However, I am having a hard time deciding which software to choose as there are many programs available.

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