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I am shooting a feature horror film with a Canon XH-A1 @ 24fps (all manual setting obviously). I am concerned with giving my movie that film look, and to be certain I wanted to know everyone's opinion on all the details of the film. I will be using a 12ft kessler crane, 50ft. track run from kesslercranes.com, and a 20 ft. green screen.

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I am a Television and Video Production student in Milwaukee, and I am makeing a show that will air on PBS, but i need some help with the sepcial effects, I am trying to get some 3d animations look real in live action footage. I have tried color correction in Avid, Vegas, and Adobe, but have failed to capture the realism, I have also tried lighting effects on After Effects, but nothing seems to work, These are only my test shots, I have not started to shoot the show yet, so I have some time, If anyone has any ideas please help me out


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