Sony EX1R

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I have for sale a used Sony PMW-EX1R XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorder in great condition. I have always taken excellent care of it. It was always stored in my camera bag when I wasn’t shooting with it. The LCD screen looks beautiful. The camera lens has no scratches on it and I kept the camera’s lens protected with the Tiffen UV filter I had on the camera at all times. I am the original purchaser of the camera. I bought it brand new from B&H Photo in June of 2010. Every part of the camera functions properly.

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I am putting together an UAV to shoot HD video. I want thecamera to have many professional qualities but unfortunately I have a weight limit.Therefore I have to settle with what is completely required. These specs are:

Full HD resolution, preferably with interchangeable lenses

10X Optical Zoom minimum

Finally, a way to control the zoom remotely and wirelesslyand if possible other camera functions.

Audio is needed or even a recorder which I can plug externally.

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