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I am using Pinnacle Studio 14. Have a lot of questions that i hope to get answer on.

1a when i inporting the videos the file come as a big avi file. For me this is a problem for me to just save the shots i realy want with out having a 3gb file to take space.

1b if not possible then i belive i edit the file on the timeline and then make a avi file? Wicth format should the file be saved in, avi, mp4 etc for me to use it later

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I am a long time video editor using Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premiere Elements however, I have NEVER had any experience with the following and would like some pointers as to how I go about getting a quality product.

We just had an anniversary party for a relative. I filmed alot of the event. My brother also filmed a lot of the event on a separate camcorder.

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I am trying to make a highlight tape for a High School football team. I would like to use two, three, or maybe even four (if possible) look of having multiple different shots playing all at once. Something maybe in all four corners or anything where more then one clip is played in the same frame/screen. I am using FCP 6. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thanks

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