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Rain Rain! 15 Rainy Day Shooting Tips for Videographers

Wet camcorder on rainy street alongside rainboots and covered by an umbrella
Last week we talked about creative shooting in the wintertime, the amazing light reflections and the beauty of the season. That was the Good reason to get creative in the rainy season. Today, we'll talk about the Bad and the Ugly - getting out there on a rainy day and getting wet, while still protecting your gear.

Light Reflection: 6 Reasons Videographers Love to Shoot in the Winter

Photographer shooting under cloudy skies using a Canon 5D Mark III

As Old Man Winter lowers his cold frosty mantle upon the earth, creating dark chilly nights and crisp wintry days, many video producers think of hanging up their gear until Spring returns. But from shots exploiting winter's lovely light reflection to the striking colors of the magic hour, the dead of winter can be an enlightening time to shoot creative scenes of beauty, peace or desolation.

Clean Your Lens! A Quick Tip for New Shooters

Clean Your Dang Lens! A Quick Tip for New Shooters
Here's a quick and easy tip for the next time you pack up your gear for a shoot. Don't neglect your lenses! It's easy enough to make sure the lens cap is on, and keeping your camera in it's case is surely standard practice, but it's quite possible that during your last shoot, some dust managed to make its way to the surface of your glass. That's why, before you leave the shop, make sure you have a lens pen and some microfiber cloth.
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