Disc of gold and silver fabric partially unzipped

5 Tips for Adding a Light Source With Light Reflectors

Amid all the talk of second screens and mobile devices, one simple joy is easily passed - a handy light source. Now all we need to do is trade our touch screen swiping for reflector techniques and we can entertain dogs, cats and dragons for hours. Seriously, here are tips that you can take to your production set. But before you can make use of the following tips you must be able to control your reflector. Be sure you get a feel for the angle at which your light source is strongest since your reflection will be a weaker version (less so if you've got a highly reflective surface like a mirror).

Natural lighting from a window.

Become a Master of Natural Lighting with These 5 Tricks

While some shooters are occasionally blessed with having all the lighting equipment they need when they need it, most of us have to make due with what's within arm's reach. That's why being able to control and manipulate the natural lighting that's already in your scene is one of the most essential lighting skills for any video enthusiast.

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