Videomaker Partners with Film Festivals Across the U.S.

Festivals do three things for aspiring filmmakers: deliver audiences for your film, connect you to the industry marketplace and provide learning opportunities for improving your craft. Because of this, we here at Videomaker love film festivals and try to support the ones we find the most worthy by passing out copies of Videomaker to attendees and/or providing subscriptions of Videomaker to festival entrants.

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We offer high quality royalty free music for affordable prices suitable for image films, commercials, product promotion / corporate projects, animations and documentary films.

We also offer suspenseful and atmospherical soundtracks for Horror / Thriller genres.

Please check out our portfolios here:

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube: Get More Views for your Video

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube: Get More Views for your Video.

YouTube is the most popular online video platform for video makers and video watchers. This video-networking site receives over 800 million unique users each month and has become the second largest search engine, right below Google itself. The video watching audience (3 billion hours each month) is growing and so are the number videos uploaded every hour, minute and second.

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