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I am new to the world of filters. I just purchased a Hoya circluar polariziing filter and will be testing soon.

My impression is that the filter is supposed to be adjustable via the free turning outer ring. However, when place to my eye and turned, nothing happens. The outer ring turns freely, but no adjustment on the brightness occurs. Is this normal? If so, then what does the outer ring do, if it does not vary the amount of light which passes through. This experiment was done in bright sun light.


Jeff Deuitch

Palmetto, Fl

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I'm thinking it is a good idea to use a lens protector for my new Sony Handycam.

A lens protector comespackaged with both the Polarizing Filter and the Neutral Density Filter offered by Sony. ... so the question is which filter should I purchase to get the lens protector?

Looks like the Polarizing filter enhances colors and reduces reflections while the Neutral Density filter may give more possibility of playing with depth of field and balances bright sunlight. Truth is, I don't really know the likelyusefulness of either filter.

Comments appreciated.

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