VideoStudio Pro X6 is a Fast-Moving Editor from Corel Corporation

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Edit video with VideoStudio Pro X6, an $80 software program designed for anyone that wants video editing software between the program that comes pre-installed with your computer and professional programs that cost upwards of $600. Corel's newest VideoStudio possesses some features that will pique the interest of any editor. Motion tracking, is one of those techniques you might associate with large-scale productions, VideoStudio Pro X6 shatters that notion by providing tracking tools, multiple simultaneous trackable visual effects. Your video can go picture-in-picture and mimic a motion path later. There are times you want to use motion tracking without a moving subject, and custom motion tracking makes this possible. If you've ever wanted to blot out a license plate for a road shot, try your hand with VideoStudio Pro X6's security mosaics. On the more exciting spectrum, you can simulate images on a screen by tracking motion with keyframes.
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Can someone please take a quick look at this link
and look at the demo weddings of Rhonda & Marco Wedding,Eunice and
Charles enhanced slide show and if you have a little more time,
Alejandra & Danny's wedding. I am thinking this editor used some
plug ins but looking through all of the plug in products from Ni and
CV2 and Fx Factory, I couldn't find the plug-ins. I'm sure I can

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