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Red Herring: Fun Friday Movie Terms

Does your movie have a Red Herring? This might be one of those movie terms many people heard about, but its purpose should be subtle. It's a trick - don't go down that alley, the writer or cinematographer put it there to fool you, it doesn't pan out. If you want to use a red herring in your movie, use it wisely, otherwise you'll just annoy your audience.

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What is a McGuffin? Movie Terms Defined

Movies terms define an action, a shot type, a character or a piece of gear, and all of these are meant to help the plot move along, or help the crew know which device to use next, or to help someone like a camera operator prepare for the next shot or scene. One unusual term is "McGuffin". The plot of many movies will maneuver around the McGuffin - so what IS it exactly, and why would video producers want a McGuffin appearing in their movie?

Fun Movie Terms - Red Herrings and McGuffins

Fun Movie Terms - Red Herrings and McGuffins

What in the world do a Red Herring or McGuffin have in common with the movie-making world? Learning and understanding movie terminology is important to anyone interested in working with people in the movie industry. Some terms, however, seem silly, but a deeper explanation gives you better insight into storytelling magic.

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